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My main focus is soil stewardship. I've grown a passion for encouraging quality organic food, personally thriving from mostly whole raw nuts, veggies, and fruit since 2014. I sometimes cook now. I freelance mentor and workshop. I sing with friends, volunteer, and donate 2/3 of my annual profits.


I'm on a mission to help catalyze the emergence of more eco-villages, naturopathic medicine, and music.
I enjoy empowering people, sharing information, and guiding inspiration into action.

We need a culture that's not only sustainable, but regenerative!

Our dollars are votes.

If you'd like to learn more of my story, there's a page on this site just for that.

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"Christopher is an honest, sincere, creative thinking, accepting, forward progressing, and an open-minded individual!" -Aurelia A.

"It is very important to have people such as yourself make an honest integral change for the environment; we need more people like you to help nature maintain itself." -Eric P.


"Christopher knows what he is doing; his long years of study and personal familiarity with the products makes it much easier for someone just learning how to incorporate these superfoods into their health routine. I feel blessed to have had his guidance over the last year. Thank you, Christopher! I highly recommend him." -Diana F.

"It's clear you've thought long and hard about which companies to work with." -Ulonda F.

"Thank you for being genuine, active, and for your efforts in extending the medicine." -Jennifer D.

"Christopher is enthusiastic. I highly recommend working with him, especially if you are interested in Purium." -Cheryle K.

"Thank you for sharing your work. Your efforts to eradicate invasive English Ivy are commendable and I appreciate your willingness to engage in sustainability issues both as an entrepreneur and advocate. The spirit of your work reflects the innovative solutions we need to take under consideration when addressing our environmental legacy."

-Jennifer Williamson, Oregon State House Majority Leader + Rep. for 36th District ('13 - '19)

"The future of our planet is dependent on people like you doing the research on what we should be eating and how we should be planting and taking care of the resources we have. Thank you for doing that and following through." -Pauline M.

"You have a really beautiful spirit. As soon as I saw your face again I remembered how unique of a character you are." -Haru H.

"Birdz is a skilled community organizer and knows social permaculture dynamics! He is down to help with anything that makes the world a better place for all beings!" -Robin L.

"I'm a 66-year-old woman and I was fascinated by your page. It really made me think about the state of the world ecologically. I don't know if you are merely eccentric or if you are a true child of the Earth, but either way, there should be more people like you to make us think about and question our place in nature." -Minx M.

"My buddy Christopher is a successful entrepreneur. He prefers to live without many of the things the rest of us require. After staying in the woods for a while, his eyes are wild with the intensity of someone living their principled passions at the cost of much discomfort, and that discomfort is experienced to him as joy. He is fricking nuts and he is the kind of crazy that is much needed in our safe and comfortable lives. Conversations with Christopher are intense and sound like chapters of Walden. He has the calm of a person who has been spending so many hours alone considering what it means to be alive and human." -anonymous

"Bird is very nice and interested in helping others. I highly suggest working with him." -Stephen M.

"You really did bring much insight to life." -Courtney W.

"Just yesterday, I was telling of your participation in the deep discussion around the campfire. Thanks for being part of some awesome solutions and creations. I gained a lot by observation of the conversations you and others had." -David A.

"Christopher is helpful, friendly and sincere. And very responsive, caring, real. He lives his belief of genuine interactions, even in a virtual environment." -Miriam T.

"I'm proud of you for really owning your purpose on this planet and making a difference with your life." -Charles T.

"Christopher had great advice for me! I was happy to receive his help." -Sean C.

"Sincere, compassionate, accountable, and dedicated describe my experience with Christopher-Birdz, while exhibiting expertise in a range of interests and disciplines." -Chad R.

"You have vision coupled with experience of practical implementations, an ability to work inside and outside of the box and contribute to heretofore unimagined solutions. Thank you for your perseverance." -Christie P.



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