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Some call me Birdz, Bird, Birdie, C.Birdz, etc. My given name is Christopher Van Putten. And like many people I too I find it hard too to write about my life. I try to challenge myself to grow through discomfort to achieve my goals though, so here it goes!

My first 2 steps: observation + analysis. Certainly I react sometimes, but I try to catch myself. I figure in many ways the macrocosm and microcosm are reflections of each other. And it seems we're in the midst of the 6th major mass extinction on the planet. I'd like an Earth that's habitable for the 7-Generations-to-Come (attributing American First Nations for the principle); that means making changes. We need to re-grow the health of soil, streams, and community!

Self-care is essential also. I enjoy learning, hearing people laugh, music, sound healing, massage trades, group meals, exercise, and so much more! It can be tough to balance focusing on building value in-person with feeling called to give presence for people around the planet. I'm busy and open too.

Much of what I do is to help people find and pursue their greatest passions, and coach them about how to respond with purpose and authenticity.

About Me

I've lived up and down the Pacific Coast through the years. For over 9 years (since 2010) I've been doing affiliate marketing, though focused on activism for much of that time; now the 2 are woven together. In 2013 I graduated from Lewis & Clark with a BA in mathematics, and in 2014 was certified through a Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Since then I've pursued a focus in social permaculture, non-violent communication, and consent culture while continuing the soil stewardship service I started after college. I also freelance work as a mentor, business and branding consultant, permaculture or NVC advisor, tutor, and have done data projects, public speaking, meeting facilitation, workshops, and conflict mediation.

Core Values: Earth-mindfulness, gratitude + compassion, learning + mentorship, integrity + honesty + authenticity, feminine empowerment, wisdom, fitness, confidentiality, perseverance, vulnerability, sense of sacred, philanthropy, radical healing, love of diversity.

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I really enjoy using alternative currencies! ~Simbi~ makes it easy to offer services and exchange with other people. If you're up for meeting in person, that's my preferred way of chatting. I have a physical portfolio; ask if you're interested! Voice and video calls are great, as is email, etc. ~connect~

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