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About Me

Hi there, thanks for finding me here! My name's Christopher Van Putten, though most people call me Birdz. I grew up on an island in Washington state, and in middle school I sold candy to my classmates and made a couple thousand dollars. In high school I self-diagnosed OCD and came to a realization about my ability to change my life and create the actualized self that I want to be. I started to get rid of my persistent negative thoughts. It didn't take me long until I found a practice of meditation, or mindfulness, had cured my OCD. I'm still near there, outside of the disorder level as a baseline, treating obsessive thought patterns with self-designed mantras, CBD, nourishing food, exercise, and meditation.

I've been mentoring people since 2008. Two years later I dove into the personal development field through entrepreneurship trainings in direct sales. This included implementing growth throughout one's life and helping others to do the same; I like the team spirit! Community is crucial. I like quality products, though have always wanted to share in ways that are congruent to my values and relationships. I don't "close sales", I instead passionately inquire about people and share products and opportunities that I feel in integrity with! At this point in my career I've been really enjoying mentoring people about how to share their beliefs, boundaries, and businesses in ways aligned with consent culture. Business coaching and personal development are interwoven in my mentorship offerings.

I help people find and pursue their passion projects, and mentor them about how to respond with purpose and authenticity. Communication and branding is fun for me, as is helping others live financially free lives!


A little more about me, I call the PNW home. In 2013 I graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a Bachelor's in Mathematics. Then I started doing ecosystem restoration work and earned the name Birdz. The following year I was certified through a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) as a consultant. Since then I've performed permaculture assessments for land parcels and homes, but focus mostly on social permaculture, non-violent communication (NVC), and consent culture. I'm on a mission to help catalyze the emergence of more eco-villages, naturopathic medicine, and sound healing. I enjoy active listening, and empowering people through sharing information, examples, and a healthy lifestyle. We need a culture that's not only sustainable, but regenerative with our planet. Soil health has been depleted over the decades. We need to re-grow the health of soil, streams, and community!

It's important to embrace growth, humility, and vulnerability. I challenge myself to learn through discomfort and achieve my goals every day. Once in a while is a rest day because self - care is essential. I've grown a passion for encouraging quality organic food, personally thriving from mostly whole raw nuts, veggies, and fruits since 2014. I cook with (or for) friends, I like fun! I freelance mentor and workshop. I donate to ~The Duwamish Tribe~, ~Charity: Water~, and more monthly.

Core Values: Earth-mindfulness, gratitude + compassion, learning + listening + mentorship, integrity + honesty + authenticity, allyship, wisdom, fitness, confidentiality, perseverance, vulnerability, sense of sacred, philanthropy, radical healing, love of diversity. Our dollars are votes.

If you're open to the next level of understanding yourself and/or creating business growth, don't hesitate to reach out. Here's ~My Mentorship Page~ for access!

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