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Cleansing the body of toxins such as glyphosate (Round-Up) and other herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, and parasites is important for sure! I consider it secondary though to transitioning to healthier choices about what we eat. Fasting can be good, but many people want more help.

Through Purium there are 10-Day and 40-Day health transformation packs for athletes, weight loss, general nutrition, and parasite cleansing. Having a transformation is around $8/day, and is usually most of a person's food. Each shake is between $1 and $3, which is 3-4 times less than if sold at a cafe or juicery. It's just as convenient (plus without the drive), and probably a much higher quality of organic ingredients. Unless you're already a customer I recommend getting a general nutrition pack, either a ~Core-4~ or ~40-Day~ depending on your interest level!

Cleansing the Body

Our ~Biome Medic~ is the first and only product with shown results for removing Round-Up (glyphosate) from the GI tract. It's included in the Core-4 and 40-Day nutrition packs. If you'd like to see the study on that please just ~ask~. Primarily our ~Super Cleans-R~ is responsible for cleansing from parasites. Secondarily there's the ~Daily Fiber Blend~ which has 2 flavor options.

Usually a variety of changes in food consumption and exercise will help detox from heavy metals. Cilantro and garlic can be found in our ~Heart Aid~ and tend to help. Cracked-Cell Chlorella we also have, both powder and capsule forms are available. The ~Aloe Digest~ is also great.

I've heard many people share stories about remedying their OCD, anxiety, depression, addictions, and persistent negative thoughts through changing what they choose to eat. And I've also been helped significantly in some of these areas by Biome Medic, ~CBD~, a daily green shake, and more!

Open to new team members. All Purium products are covered by a 60-day guarantee. My $50 off code for you: C.Birdz

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