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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." -Marianne Williamson

Because everybody is unique, my mentorship varies as I see complimentary fits to help people achieve their goals. My focus is to help people identify a skillset, persona, or product that they're passionate about and that's in demand. Usually starting with 2-3 income streams or side gigs is the best way to start. I suggest either continuing what you're doing for work and adding in 1 new project, or launching your business by offering a service or craft in a freelance format and partnering with an affiliate marketing company. I suggest people transition more into their passion projects as the time given starts to create return on investment. Some start fast, some start slow. It's much more fun to start fast and treat a business like a business rather than a hobby!

I provide workshops, meeting facilitation, advising to non-profits, tutoring, success / spiritual / life coaching, public speaking, and conflict mediation as well. I'm fascinated by how ideas grow through communities! That's part of why I enjoy facilitating co-working in communities. If you think of a friend, family member, or colleague while browsing my site please feel free to share my site, I appreciate referrals.

My process is a dialogue with you. It's one filled with active listening, compassion, and radical honesty in saying what it seems you need to hear for next level success, not just what you want to hear. I'm experienced with mentoring, coaching, and guiding people of all ages.

Most entrepreneurs at the point of retirement in this era do so with around $2,000,000 invested rather than having a traditional 401(k). This income is accumulated through an average of 7 streams of income over one's career. Direct sales is popular amongst entrepreneurs because there is no 'glass ceiling.' However it has garnered a tarnished reputation based on what I would like to now openly address in order to dismantle the stigma of network marketing. Many people in various companies over the decades have been unaware or unwilling to communicate in the process of their prospecting for new team members that the company they're advocating for has monthly ordering requirements to qualify as commissionable. This has caused many people to associate all products within all companies inside of the 150 year old industry of direct sales as pyramid schemes. Best practices includes transparency.

Whether you're seeking a permaculture consultation, mentorship, business coaching, etc. my rates are $50 for a 22-minute session, $95 for a 45-minute session, and $120 per hour. Workshops are billed as 4-hour packages at $450 (includes regional travel expenses, not flight or hotel costs). My aim isn't just to teach, it's about inspiring people to want to learn, take action, and empower each other! Residual income is important for lifestyle security and freedom. I also work with industry leaders Leslie Zann (who bills at $3,967 for 4-weeks of team training) and Todd Falcone (who bills at $500-$1,000/hour for coaching); small group coaching is complimentary with these leaders through the Serene FriendSHYP business launch options.

Serene FriendSHYP - 101 is a 4-hour launch package that gives you hour-long 1-1 mentorship meetings with me each week to focus on growth in the personal and professional parts of your life. These include customized trainings, tools, and mindsets that can help you choose to be powerful rather than feeling inadequate. Mastermind communities are crucial to up-leveling your life. If you haven't looked into the concept of a person's circle of influence, I strongly recommend it to understand the significance of quality community! With the Serene FriendSHYP package you'll also be included in my inner circle with access to a mastermind community that meets virtually each week; this is for and by each of you who join (and facilitated by me). Masterminds harness the collective consciousness that are generated from group dynamics.

When someone wants to grow a business through My Daily Choice or Purium I add in my mentorship complimentary. Here's how to work together:

     ~Serene FriendSHYP package only = $450 ~Paid to Me~ (monthly),

     ~Serene FriendSHYP + My Daily Choice = $395 initially to ~My Daily Choice~ (then $150 monthly),

     ~Serene FriendSHYP + Purium Health = $315 initially to ~Purium Health~ (then $85 monthly),
     ~Serene FriendSHYP Full Launch = $715 initial cost (and $285 monthly).

I personally use a lot more than the monthly minimum. And however you'd like to collaborate please ~Apply Here~ so I can learn a little about you!

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