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I've been an entrepreneur who mentors other entrepreneurs for over a decade. Freelance, startups, working a job, I get it. There are what seem like mounds of challenges between you and your goals. I've been there. I know you're a genius. Around 98% of people test as geniuses during early childhood, and I believe in you. I believe in your inner elder, your inner child, your creativity, your ambition, and your genius.

I don't suggest people quit their day job to become their own boss. I recommend becoming your own boss as a side gig and having 2-3 streams of income (projects) that you're working on to create revenue. Some hobbies we want to keep as hobbies, but maybe 1 or 2 of your give you a burning passion to turn it into a business and share more widely with the world!

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." -Marianne Williamson

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Over my experience I've found that between mindset, skillset, and accountability mastermind groups, there's plenty of personal development content available to be consumed. Thank you, internet! I help people refine the action they take so that rather than working hard people can work smarter, and still work hard if desired for exponentially greater results. I learned a long time ago that the best part of working toward a goal isn't hitting the goal but who you become in pursuit of it. My approach is one that brings in universal topics such as balancing consistent action with massive action to create momentum, how to mitigate a sense of burnout, and when to delegate, without relying on a textbook process.

One of my favorite questions to ask people and really investigate with them is what inspires their soul, when does a flow state come? For me what really lights me up is helping other people find what really lights them up and empower them into entrepreneurship integrating it.

My favorite offering is to host what I call a Healing Money Trauma Workshop. I've found through my years of mentoring entrepreneurs that regardless of the desire to succeed in life and business, if a person doesn't have a healthy and loving relationship to their money mindset, it all crumbles. I saw this initially as a math tutor as it displayed itself through people having poor relationships with math and money. This phenomenon is so prolific actually that in 1954 Mary Gough coined the term 'mathemaphobia' which refers to the fear of mathematics. Currency is an ancient concept, and wealth is important. I like giving rather than greed, as living for over 2 years based out of my car allowed me to appreciate and presence while embodying economic minimalism. I realized when talking with a First Nations elder in 2017 that I wanted to change it up and make more money in order to give back. I started renting a room and re-launched my online-based business that autumn.

Interested in a Healing Money Trauma Workshop? I like doing 1-1 and group work with clients, but I prefer for us to start through the workshops and move onto what you want to focus on further from there. The workshop is $198 for 1.5 hours. I'm available for people 1-1 to do the workshop but prefer groups of 6. This can be at your preferred location near Portland, OR, online, or in my office. In March 2021 I started renting an office in downtown Portland to be able to host small workshops such as these.

I also have over a decade of experience speaking on stage and in panel Q&A sessions, so larger numbers such as 60 and 600 are fine. I was on TV, so while I haven't spoken to 6,000 people at once yet I have spoken to around 6,000,000. I was interviewed a few times recently, please give a listen to ~Sustainability and Spirituality, on All Things in the Name of Love with Dr. Risberg~. "Your podcast really inspired me to learn more about permaculture and get involved in the community" -Sky R.

For All Uses, Hemp Momma (05 Sep 2021).jpg

If you're interested in mentorship with me, wonderful! My standard hourly rate is $120. Discovery sessions (30 minutes) are $50. Most people choose subsequent sessions at 90-minutes either weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Some people prefer 45-minute continuations, let's find what fits best for you through your first 30-minute consultation. In addition to healing money trauma, I provide people with:
-Permaculture design,
-Setting healthy boundaries,
-Heart-centered leadership,
-Neurolinguistic programming (NLP),
-Permission selling coaching,
-Processing the transposition of trauma,
-Men's groups and active listening,
-Intermittent fasting (IF),
-Establishing intuitive eating habits,
-90 Day general business mentorship packages,
-90 Day personal development commitment accountability,
-Overcoming imposter syndrome,
-Vetting and networking training,
-Marketing and social media consultation,
-90 Day commitments to end addictions,
-Fitness coaching and/or cleansing,
-Event/tour guide.

I do consider that anything we're working on will likely involve underlying habits and changing them tends to take 90-day commitments. This is why alongside my workshops I am happy to offer 90-Day Commitment Programs. If the next best thing for you to work on in the personal or professional parts of your life isn't mentioned in the list above that's fine, life is all about customizing lessons into the present moment, connection, fun, and purpose! There's a ton to share, and a ton for us to learn though helping you grow your life and business!

If you're a good friend feel free to ask for my friend discount! I give out 10%-25% discounts for products and give 30% off my time for friends, even though time is more valuable than money. "You can always get more money, but you can never get more time" Peter Voogd would often share with me. I still want to keep in touch with friends even if you don't want mentorship, give me a ring at least once a year and we'll catch up! I'm happy to share about an hour of my value / coaching with friends, maybe two hours if we haven't caught up in years. I do mentor people about setting healthy boundaries, so please understand that I have to lead by example. Authenticity and knowing yourself is integral. I like conversations about reciprocity and about core values. I like helping community connect and collaborate on projects that are regenerative.

If you've been looking for an amazing network marketing company to join, look no further! Part of why my time has become so valuable over the past few years is because I value it, I add value, and I've become very busy on a consistent basis. I like giving a couple 20-minute coaching sessions to my new team members during their first month, and not only to my direct team but to all the team members that my team members bring on. Yes, that means that I'll be available for 1-1 mentorship with your new team members when you join my team. I've worked with various companies over the past decade and still partner with many for their product lines. The business model I suggest is through a company called ~My Daily Choice~ which offers a suite of brands to work with. Our business community is called OneTeamWorx and along with my mentorship you'll also receive help from Dr. Dana McGrady ~Magnetic Soulpreneur~ and David Skultety ~Ripple Marketing~.

So whether you'd like a:

-(1) Healing Money Trauma Workshop,
-(2) 90-Day Commitment Program,

-(3) Half Hour Discovery Call, or
-(4) My Daily Choice Business Launch,

Please ~Tell Me about Yourself~.
If you'd like my 1st, 2nd, or 3rd offering above please ~Venmo Here~.
And if you'd like to launch your business please ~Follow This Link~ and let me know if you need help or have any questions! Our team mastermind and lifestyle community website is ~OneTeamWorx~, and once you join I'll welcome you into our community support system on social media.


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