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This is about nutrition, and having an exceptionally low carbon footprint. As much food as you and friends can grow, great! Food forestry can be a lot of work per yield, especially when starting out. If you want convenience (1-2 min. prep) and impeccable quality nutrition, please read on.

I've been into 'super-foods' for years before connecting with Purium, learning about the benefits of ingredients like gojiberry, blueberry, and spirulina. In Oct. '17 I starting transitioning to a vibrant Purium lifestyle, not switching my entire diet, but instead adding in the daily nutrition. It's really difficult to describe feeling vibrant and nourished; it's more common that people see a change, or 'glow' and ask "what have you been doing different recently?"

The food is sourced from places far away from contamination risks like fracking or mining, so no heavy metal runoff risk. No pesticides or herbicides have ever been used on land we choose to grow on. Working 1:1 with farmers, we give living wages. In one case we outbid Monsanto, hired the local farmers, and helped them establish a regional co-op! Ingredients are low-temp (60 to 88 degree) dehydrated at the farms, rigorously tested at our main facility, then mixed and labeled to become products. Some for athletes, some for weight loss, nutrition, etc. We all have various goals!

Organic Food

In Aug. '18 we expanded compostable packaging from 1 green drink to add the 8 other most popular shakes, including MVP Sport (see below).

~Core-4~ is the main monthly pack, vegan-friendly. I suggest the L.O.V. option (Live, Organic, Vegan); much of it is sprouted! Browsing is great, and adding whatever looks appealing (food is a month or more of servings). Welcome to your new organic grocery store!

We share using $50 off gift cards, or with a virtual gift code. If your first order is over $200 you get the regular customer discount of 25%. I suggest a monthly smart-order to lock in the 25%; if you go over a month without ordering the next purchase is 15% off, then it's back up to 25%. We serve people throughout the U.S. and Canada; free ~501c3 fundraising~ is also available. If you're in Europe please check out ~our website for you~ 

Want to learn a little more? Please go to ~bit.ly/RENEWEARTH~ and give it a look.

Open to new team members. All Purium products are covered by a 60-day guarantee. My $50 off code for you: C.Birdz

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; these foods are not intended to 'diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent' any disease or medical condition.

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