My personal journey in super-foods and nutrition came full circle back to my profession in 2017 after years of searching for a food company that met my standards of organic and best practices. I realized when making a smoothie with around 3 dozen ingredients that opening the jars for each individual ingredient to scoop some of that dehydrated herb into the blender would probably take 15-20 minutes. I really appreciate being able to take a few teaspoons or tablespoons of a powder and mix with water or blend into a smoothie to get all the nourishment I need for the day!

The company I found is more like a movement; it's called Purium Health, essentially a quality based co-op. Our farms are hundreds of miles away from contamination risks like fracking sites and inorganic farms. Crops are dehydrated onsite (60 to 88 degrees) and products come in compostable packaging! With shipping available across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, we've ended food deserts for ~1,500,000,000 people. And I'm enrolled in Purium through my friend's 501c3, so everything fundraises for the nonprofit FriendSHYP. No pesticides or herbicides have ever been used on land we choose to grow on. Working 1:1 with farmers, we give living wages. In one case we outbid Monsanto, hired the local farmers, and helped them establish a regional co-op! Purium is rigorously tested at our main facility, then mixed and labeled to become products.

I was introduced to information about nearly universal Round-Up exposure in the United States, and a solution. I was immediately inspired to share, and was grateful to find that the company providing the solution prefers for their products to be shared in a way aligning with consent culture rather than 20th century sales. If you're curious about glyphosate (Round-Up) exposure and a solution then ~Click Here and Scroll to the 62 Second Video~. Because of exposure to toxins the gut microbiome tends to be unable to properly absorb nutrients even when people choose to eat organic. That's why I feel compelled to share ~Biome Medic~ with every person alive (at least every American because of the exposure rate).

This is about nutrition, and having an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Living foods, sprouted foods, nourishment. As much food as you and friends can grow, great! Food forestry can be a lot of work per yield, especially when starting out. I've actually found that eating mostly Purium has saved me a lot of money from reduced other grocery bills! I started seeing the savings quickly since everything comes as a month's supply and often lasts longer. If you want convenience (1-2 min. prep) and impeccable quality nutrition, please read on for quality sourcing.

I've been into 'super-foods' for years before connecting with Purium, learning about the benefits of ingredients like gojiberry, blueberry, and spirulina. In Oct. '17 I starting transitioning to a vibrant Purium lifestyle, not switching my entire diet, but instead adding in the daily nutrition. It's really difficult to describe feeling vibrant and nourished; it's more common that people see a change, or 'glow' and ask "what have you been doing different recently?"

Organic Food

I really like blending these super-foods with hemp milk and frozen fruit to make smoothies, and they're great just mixed with water too! The package that's the best fit for most people to get started with is the ~Ultimate Lifestyle~ and then I recommend the ~Core - 4~ for a daily baseline of nutrition; both are vegan-friendly. I prefer to have a backup order (smart-order) set for the 7th of each month, though I usually do a custom order before that to restock and try a couple new products. We do have athlete packs, weight loss and heavy metal detox products, and a parasite cleansing regimen; I suggest those for your 2nd or 3rd orders if you're interested. I'm a fan of surrounding one's self with nourishing foods and practicing intuitive eating!

I don't only eat Purium... just mostly. Transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is a personal decision and one I support, not one I force on people. This is also a foundation of my body positivity approach! After having more healthy foods in the body it naturally becomes more alkaline and taste buds change. It becomes easier and easier to eat healthy as we practice. Setting up a monthly Purium smart-order also locks you in at a 25% off discount; if you go over a month without ordering the next purchase is 15% off, then it's back up to 25%. We serve people throughout the U.S. and Canada; free ~501c3 Fundraising~ is also available. If you're in Europe please check out ~Our Website for You~ 

A few additional products to highlight
     ~Aloe Digest~ is a favorite for digestion,
     ~Coco Hydrate Pineapple~ has an abundance of electrolytes,

     ~Cracked Cell Chlorella~ for cleansing from heavy metals,

     ~Heart Aid~ for a healthy heart and metal detox,
     ~Ionic Elements~ is a trace mineral composition,


Everything comes as a month of servings. Welcome to your new organic grocery store!

I consider it secondary though to transitioning to healthier choices about what we eat. Fasting can be good, but many people want more help.

Each shake is between $1 and $3, which is 3-4 times less than if sold at a cafe or juicery. It's just as convenient (plus without the drive), and probably a much higher quality of organic ingredients.

Usually a variety of changes in food consumption and exercise will help detox from heavy metals.

I've heard many people share stories about remedying their OCD, anxiety, depression, addictions, and persistent negative thoughts through changing what they choose to eat. And I've also been helped significantly in some of these areas by Biome Medic, ~CBD~, a daily green shake, and more!

Please check out my primary project at ~Keep Fit This Season~. This is the product line of Purium superfoods, a.k.a. Dave Sandoval's 10-Day Celebrity Transformation (1990's branding), run through one of my best friend's 501c3 organization, thus fundraising for our FriendShyp.

I'm open to new team members if you want to share these foods too. Check out ~iSharePurium~.

In April 2018 Purium came out with a CBD spray, and I got one immediately from ~Purium CBD~! Available in U.S. except Kansas and Nebraska.

I talked with tens of thousands of people, gathering over 3,200 signatures to re-legalize cannabis in 2010. I foresaw a new, regenerative economy based on hemp; hemp sequesters carbon with products such as hempcrete, hemp-plastics, and textiles. I had no idea how beneficial CBD was then.

`Since 2016 the U.S. government has allowed states to pursue their respective legalized hemp policies. Cannabis is the genus that has hemp (THC less than 0.3%) and marijuana plants. CBD (cannabidiol) can be found in both marijuana, and in hemp. The industry has been expanding rapidly over the past couple years! These tend to be green jobs, helping the Earth-Mother, local communities, and people take care of themselves. Stress less.

We grow our hemp in Kentucky and Colorado.

The CBD is a CO2 extracted isolate mixed with full-spectrum hemp seed oil. This delivers what's known as the entourage effect, which is an array of various cannabinoids and terpenes that are part of the plant's healing profile. There are unflavored, and peppermint + stevia options now! I listened to other partners give feedback to our president (Amy) over video calls, and within a few months we released the unflavored version.

All Purium products are covered by a 60-day guarantee. My $50 off gift code for you: C.Birdz. If your first order is over $200 you get the regular customer discount of 25%.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration; these foods are not intended to 'diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent' any disease or medical condition.

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