Footwear for Re-Wilding 

I started becoming interested in how certain choices of shoes effected my posture, and my chronic pain in 2012. I was in my twenties, and not many of my peers were hurting from back pain so I knew I needed to seek solutions, naturally!

Sole drop is a good thing to learn about. Most shoes raise the heel 10-14mm which causes the foot (and spine, so the whole body) to work in ways that build stress and tend to pain and disease. Walking on concrete is another major factor that contributes to pain for many people.


Xero Shoes are amazing! I joined the movement in 2019. They're so minimal they make your feet feel essentially bare, while keeping them shielded from the elements. The soles for all Xero Shoes are backed by a 5,000 mile warranty. You can ~Find Xero Shoes Here~. And if you've had a positive Xero experience and would like to sign up as an ambassador, wonderful! I'd be happy to join forces. Please read through ~My Mentorship Page~ and then ~Follow This Link~.

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For transition tools to help re-wild the foot there's a company called Earth Runners. The kit they make works very well and doesn't cost much. The sandals are phenomenal too! Connecting to Earth through a copper conduit while staying protected from the surface is ingenious. You can ~Find Earth Runners Gear Here~.

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