Have you ever wanted to live in your own home? From 80sqft to 1,400sqft we've got you covered!


There are tiny houses available, and options for a yurt too (Dreamcatcher model). Yurts withstand high wind speeds, and bear heavy snow loads very well. Many people love yurts for the open feeling they inspire from having a circular space; they’re great for community gatherings or self-sanctuary. The yurts have 1,200sqft plus an additional loft area and are compatible with even the strictest building codes in the U.S.

The structures come as kits that are easy to assemble. The main beams are hand-picked, made from Nordic Spruce because of the tight, uniform wood grain. Siberian Larch is also used. The wall thicknesses vary, and you have an option for insulation too. Floors are made from 28mm timber. FSC and PEFC certified wood is used; it's treated with nontoxic, eco-friendly solutions to increase longevity and prevent fungi, mold, and insects. This makes the homes waterproof by the seaside and in rainforests. Dozens of different designs are available to choose from (400sqft – 800sqft are the most popular).

Eagle Log Cabins

Three trees are planted for each one harvested. Our mill follows zero-waste principles. Personal crew available upon request for installation (in WA, OR, CA, and ID); please ask for a quote. Tiny homes may be assembled in various spots and are available on wheels, satisfying building codes throughout the U.S. We ship 2-3 units at a time, so delivery duration may vary; ask about the current queue. Homes start at around $15,000 with price depending on the size and features.

Optional features include foundations, insulation, guttering, verandas, room dividers, etc. These are ideal for mobile or stationary living, offices, holistic healing, vendor booths, mini-spas + saunas, alpine cottages, guest cabins, spiritual retreat centers, resorts, stables + barns (no floor), sheds, cabanas, tree houses, bed and breakfasts, etc.

"A house becomes a home when it is built with integrity and love."

Products have a 15-year warranty.

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